"We help you activate your brand  to meet your customers where they are."

POS Material

We create, print, pack and distribute your POS material.
And if you need any creative input for ideas or design solutions,
we are all yours.


Whether you need a pen or a sports car, we are your partner in crime.
We personalize, and even customize, merchandise to match your needs.


We make sure your product reaches your customers in real life.
Guerilla marketing, awardshow, pop up bars, gaming festivals, you name it - we can make it happen.


You have the idea and ambition but need someone to help it come alive. Small or large scale, we can help you with both strategy and execution.

A selection of our work


gaming event

Art Poster

bottle sleeve


Sampling setup

interior design


mobile bar

We have proudly activated these brands

From one man show to ambitious agency

This is the story of how Trade started and look where we are now!

Trade is a hybrid agency that takes on any assignment, small or big, as long as it has to do with packaging, POS, merchandise, printing, events, graphics, sponsorships, products, design, productions, creativity – in short: brand activation.

We have an important tool at hand – a solid network – which helps us to achieve the main goal of never rejecting an assignment. With a team of innovative and hardworking people, we are your brand manager or trusted assistant. This way we can ensure that your brand reaches your customers with engaging hands-on experiences.

This is how we do it 

There are multiple ways to attract the attention of your potential customers – customized on your request. We know them all: Serious, playful, functional, professional or just eye-catching; our creative minds will meet your every demand and excite your customers. We even ensure high quality and fast production at a low price.

The Trade team

We complete each other with our different backgrounds, skills, and visions. Still, we see ourselves as a hybrid agency, who will take on any assignment, big or small, and with one important tool at hand: If we don’t have the skills inhouse, we are experts at finding it among our collaborators, subcontractors, suppliers, or friends. This philosophy will never leave the building.

FOunder // Management

Ken Hesseldal Malec


Line Skafte Wilkens


Rasmus Kæmsgård

Project Manager

Barbara Hesseldal


Jens Christian Høst

project coordinator

Esmeralda Holmberg


Lea Mark Andersen


Heidi Ibsen

project coordinator

Christian Hoff

project Manager

Alexandra Malmborg


Anna Hougaard

project manager

Nicolas Cavling-Monberg


Nikolaj Hoe Lundahl

Ready to share your idea with us?

Contact us and we’ll welcome you with a cup of coffee and our creative minds.

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